Policy Initiatives

Legal Policy Initiative

Eric Esparza

Lead, Fourth Year

Major: Legal Studies Honors Program

I’m currently studying for the LSAT in hopes of attending law school with an emphasis on criminal law. My career goal is to become a district attorney for either Santa Clara or Riverside County. I plan on using my platform as a DA to educate my community on the importance of the law and how they can avoid falling into the wrong group that can end up having them become a criminal defendant one day.

Email me: ericesparza@berkeley.edu

Vincent Kurniawidjaja

Editor, First Year

Majors: Economics and Music

Email me: vkjaja@berkeley.edu

Megan Pagaduan

Associate, Fourth Year

Major: Political Science

Minor: Public Policy

Megan is a senior at UC Berkeley studying Political Science and Public Policy. She has a diverse range of research interests, spanning from criminal justice reform and customary international law, to gender and ethnic quotas in national legislatures around the world. She is currently writing an honors thesis that evaluates how gender and ethnic quotas affect the representation of minority women. Outside her academics, she works with a nationwide nonprofit that aims to empower and encourage civic engagement within the Asian American and Pacific Islander community.

Email me: megantpag@berkeley.edu

Sidney Carrigan

Associate, Third Year

Major: Legal Studies

Minors: Disability Studies & Public Policy

My experiences with disability rights and advocacy at an early age quickly developed into a passion for alleviating the burdens of others through legal assistance. As a result of various opportunities, I have been fortunate to gain first-hand experience in the legal field. I have worked directly with disabled individuals to advance their Social Security cases, provided Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) sealing services, offered legal assistance for housing-related matters, and aided in the process of estate planning and probate litigation. Through the courses I have taken at Cal, I have also developed a strong interest in criminal law and the carceral system which is why I am eager to join a team dedicated to reforming the issues plaguing this system.

Email me: sidcarrigan@berkeley.edu

Sundus Khan

Associate, Third Year

Major: Political Science

Environment Policy Initiative

Lizzie Han

Lead, Third Year

Major: Society & Environment

Minor: Public Policy

Hi, I’m Lizzie! I’m a junior at the University of California, Berkeley and was born and raised in San Francisco. As a Society & Environment major, I aim to pursue a career in environmental law and/or policy focusing on the disproportionate effects of environmental issues on low-income and minority communities. In addition to my passion for the environment, I am interested in education policy, specifically regarding Pre-K to 8th grade. Tutoring 4th graders through the organization Pandemic Professors strengthened my beliefs that there is a need for education reform in the U.S. and also inspired my love for teaching which I hope to continue in the future!

Email me: lizzie.han14@berkeley.edu

Cooper Limon

Editor, Third Year

Major: Society and the Environment

Minors: Public Policy & Conservation and Resource Studies

I was raised my entire life on the Central Coast of California in San Luis Obispo to an highly outdoorsy family and that is where I attribute a lot of my interest and deep passion for environmentalism to be rooted in. At UC Berkeley I have honed with interests to how the economy can incorporate ecosystem health into its accounting, how industry and businesses can become more sustainable, and how new clean technologies and mitigation/adaptation strategies can continue to help policymakers encourage rapid decarbonization. I am planning on doing my honors thesis on similar work and am excited to see exactly how carbon capture and sequestration technologies can play into the mix of tools policymakers and industry will need to hit net zero goals. Professionally I hope to work in government or industry and plan to continue my education a little farther down the road in public policy, research, or law.

Email me: cooperlimon@berkeley.edu

Mckenzie Diep

Editor, First Year

Majors: Urban Studies and Economics

Minor: Public Policy

Hi! My name is Mckenzie, and I am a first year student studying Economics and Urban Studies. I am interested in understanding how urban design perpetuates racial inequities and informs policy decisions. I approach my work in politics and economics from a spatial perspective. Currently, I am involved as an ASUC legislative affairs associate and as an intern in the Office of Oakland Mayor Schaaf, and I hope to continue utilizing my advocacy, writing, and research skills in legal and public policy work.

Email me: mckenziediep@berkeley.edu

Ivanni Jamin

Publications, Second Year

Major: Environmental Science

Minor: Public Policy

Ivanni Jamin is second-year from Indonesia, who grew up in Southern California and Big Island, Hawai’i. She is pursuing an Environmental Science major, and Public Policy minor, and hopes to work in environmental policy making in the future. Her policy interests lies various different fields, including but not limited to environmental justice, air pollution and sustainable development.

Email me: ijamin@berkeley.edu

Lindsey Collins

Associate, Third Year

Majors: Society and Environment & Media Studies

Minor: Public Policy

Hello, I was born and raised in Healdsburg, California. I am a third year at UC Berkeley studying Society and Environment and Media Studies. Professionally, my interests lie in the intersection of sustainability and industry, specifically regarding food systems and resource management.

Email me: lindsey.collins@berkeley.edu

Quintin Munoz

Associate, Third Year

Major: Society & Environment

Hello! My name is Quintin and I’m a third-year student in the College of Natural Resources studying Society & Environment with a concentration in U.S. Environmental Policy and Management. I am interested in solving our greatest environmental issues (i.e. biodiversity loss, toxic releases, anthropogenic emissions) with science and interdisciplinary research methods as a foundation for crafting new policy while considering social equity. After graduation, I plan to pursue a J.D. in Environmental & Energy Law.

Email me: Quintinmunoz@berkeley.edu

Health Policy Initiative

Benecia Jude

Lead, First Year

Major: Intended Public Health

I am Benecia Jude, a first-year student at UC Berkeley and an intended public health major. The fight for health equity is the core of my academic identity. As a public health major and with a career in public health, I hope to solve the growing disparities in healthcare access. As a future public health leader, I will amplify our world’s most pressing conversations concerning health and strive to find solutions to them.

Email me: beneciajude@berkeley.edu

Michelle Yiu

Editor, Fourth Year

Majors: Public Health, Integrative Biology

Minors: Public Policy, Asian American Studies

Michelle Yiu is a senior undergraduate student majoring in Public Health and Integrative Biology and minoring in Public Policy and Asian American Studies. Passionate about public health, she is the Editor for the RNB Policy Initiative for Public Health Policy. Having served as a resource navigator, caseworker, educator, and advocate in community health and organizing spaces, she recognizes that policy is the ultimate upstream intervention for addressing social determinants of health on a structural scale. She currently works as an undergraduate research assistant at the Nicholas C. Petris Center, a student researcher with the Asian American Pacific Islander Health Research Group, and a footwashing officer at The Suitcase Clinic. After graduating, Michelle hopes to work at the intersection of health policy and community health.

Email me: michelleyiu@berkeley.edu

Yuning Xue

Publications, Second Year

Majors: Political Science & Data Science

A short bio with personal history, key achievements, or I am a second-year Political Science and Data Science major interested in the comparative study of governance and international security. I am especially interested in how governments actively and implicitly distribute resources and opportunities, such as education and healthcare, among its population. After Berkeley, I plan to pursue a career in law and public policy where my knowledge of data science can be helpful.

Email me: ynxue@berkeley.edu

Vy Huynh

Associate, Fourth Year

Major: Molecular Environmental Biology

Minor: Global Public Health; Toxicology

My name is Vy and I’m a Vietnamese immigrant interested in becoming either a cardiologist or neurologist. I volunteer as a labor coach to support Vietnamese first time mothers with language interpretation and as a health advocate to connect low income patients with housing, food, and legal resources. I also tutor elementary school students that are reading below their grade level.

Email me: vy.huynh7338@berkeley.edu

Angela Garcia

Associate, Second Year

Major: Political Science

Email me: angela17@berkeley.edu

Urban Policy Initiative

Srishti Hazra

Lead, Second Year

Majors: Civil and Environmental Engineering

I am a 2nd year Civil Engineer and work with ASCE and the Steel Bridge Competition Team. I’m interested in engineering at the intersection of data science and policy. I hope to work on social equity and environmental justice and help people in all my communities.

Email me: srishti.hazra@berkeley.edu

Megan Bui

Editor, First Year

Major: Philosophy

Minor: Public Policy

Megan is currently studying philosophy and public policy. She looks forward to working in education or public policy. Her policy areas of interest include education policy, social policy, and urban policy.

Email me: mmbui@berkeley.edu

Genevieve Kaplan

Publications, Third Year

Major: Political Science

Minor: Public Policy

I am majoring in Political Science with a concentration in Comparative Politics. I hope to use this concentration in my future career in the Public Policy World by looking for alternatives and solutions to problems faced in the United States. I hope to partake in research and analysis to bridge the many types of inequality seen in today’s global world and advocate for historically oppressed groups.

Email me: genevievekaplan@berkeley.edu

Avery Parks

Associate, Third Year

Major: Civil and Environmental Engineering

I’m a third-year civil and environmental engineering student from Boise, Idaho. My academic interests include climate resilience and sustainable infrastructure. My goal as an engineer is to be able to work with disadvantaged communities to find sustainable solutions for their infrastructure and resource needs. In my free time, I love to go climbing, hiking and play the piano.

Email me: averylparks@berkeley.edu

Tasmia Rahman

Associate, Second Year

Major: Political Economy

Minors: Data Science & Public Policy

Tasmia Rahman is a second year undergraduate student at UC Berkeley majoring in Political Science with a minor in Data Science and Public Policy. Growing up near the D.C. area, she has become a passionate activist and storyteller and is working to gain skills in both her professional and social career to advocate for social justice, community empowerment, and overall promotion of human rights. She hopes to one day become a humanitarian lawyer and in her free time enjoys playing tennis, piano, and skiing!

Email me: tasmia_rahman@berkeley.edu

Kunal Kumar

Associate, First Year

Majors: Economics and Statistics

Email me: kkumar25@berkeley.edu

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