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Any currently enrolled UC Berkeley student can join our chapter by filling out the short form below.

RNB is a diverse organization with members from many backgrounds and disciplines. Our mission is to help students grow, and therefore, you are not expected to have any prior experience in public policy or belong to a social science – if you’re completely new to the field, we are here to help you get your bearings.

Members enjoy benefits including:

  • Priority registration for workshops, events and speakers
  • Notifications of all chapter happenings
  • Access to RNB social events and townhalls
  • Consultations and support for projects and collaborations
  • Access to nationwide Roosevelt Institute events, internships and opportunities
  • The ability to become an Associate or run for election as a Director

Become an Associate

Associates are the lifeblood of operations at RNB. They are responsible for helping train and orient students and project teams in their operations, help run and organize events, and keep the organization on track.

You can register to be trained as an associate at the form below, and will be asked which of the four departments you wish to work in: policy writing, advocacy, research or administration.

Associates are not required to be the “experts” in their field – they receive training and mentorship that presumes no prior experience and the position is intended to help students grow their skills beyond simply being a member. The position is a great way to connect with like-minded students, be at student groups and be at the forefront of amazing events on campus.

Position Overview:

  • Time commitment is around 1-3 hours per week required, which will be scheduled based on your availability
  • Specific duties and position titles are negotiated with the Departmental Director based on your interests and organizational needs, yet may include consulting for student-led projects, developing informational/training materials, assisting with workshops and events and outreach to student organizations
  • All associates that remain in good standing (completing their hours for at least 3/4ths of their weeks) at the end of the semester may receive a personalized letter of recommendation with their accomplishments, signed by the Board of Directors
  • Associates may work remotely and are expected to respond to tasks assigned to them via Trello (app training is provided in orientation)
  • Associates may work in no more than two Departments
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